ZOK® manufactures gas turbine compressor cleaning solutions

Cleaning power for all gas turbines

ZOK manufactures and distributes globally turbine, engine, and compressor cleaner solutions for all gas turbine compressors. ZOK products are bio-degradable meeting the demanding requirements for aquatic toxicity.
Endorsed by the British MoD and other well known users, ZOK is a manufacturer of gas path cleaners that you can trust.

  • Cleaning with ZOK improves gas turbine efficiency and extends the time between major overhauls, increasing gas turbine performance, the availability and reliability of any compressor plus reducing through life costs. Read more…
  • Environmentally responsible water based products that help maintain maximum output for any type of gas turbine compressor.
  • All major gas turbine manufacturers approve ZOK for use in every industry sector, for improved gas turbine performance and gas turbine efficiency.

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