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EUSITRADE S.L. Jose Miguel Gomez Perales Covering, Portugal, Spain.


Our products are highly regarded world-wide and therefore ZOK is used across a wide range of sectors.

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EUSITRADE S.L. is structured and organised in a way that can provide quotations and information with a maximum response time of six hours. In addition to this, the company is proud of having a permanent stock so as to deliver an order immediately, with a maximum delay of 24 hours.


Aerospace / Aviation,Oil & Gas,Power Generation,

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1. Jose Miguel Gomez Perales explaining why ZOK products are well placed to increase in sales in Spain.

2. Our stand at our our last major exhibition in Spain.

3. The view out of our office window.

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EUSITRADE S.L. C / Playa del Sardinero No. 11,
Apdo. nº 71
28290 – LAS ROZAS

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