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ZOK INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Lisa Montgomery Covering, United Kingdom.


Our products are highly regarded world-wide and therefore ZOK is used across a wide range of sectors.

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A message from Keith Cartwright, CEO

For almost 30 years our customers have depended on ZOK to combine first class cleaning performance with outstanding levels of product purity.

As a market leader in this field we provide the Gas Turbine Industry with effective cleaning products, that are environmentally friendly, and safe to use.

ZOK has a reputation for providing accurate unbiased information to new and existing users, to help them develop an optimum wash regime to suit their individual circumstances. A clean engine will use less fuel, remain available on line for longer and will produce fewer emissions.


Aerospace / Aviation,Marine,Oil & Gas,Power Generation,

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1. Shelley Hughes leads ZOK internal sales.

2. Ensuring the correct mixture is a vital task at the ZOK factory and our high levels of automation ensure every batch meets its performance target.

3. The main filling hall is enclosed by a high wall of blue drums.

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West Sussex,
GU29 0JT
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