The more an engine runs, the less it needs corrosion inhibition. However, relatively low-time operators such as the military often spray water-displacement fluids into their engines after a wash to displace any water present and to protect against corrosion if the engine is not to be run for some days, or if it is going into long-term storage. This material must be completely washed out before the engine is run again.

These operations are not required if ZOK27® has been used for the wash and not rinsed out, and if the engine is due to be used again within a week.

Offshore operators of industrial gas turbines have found that they can wash an engine with ZOK27® before shutdown and then just leave it, without having to use dewatering fluids. If the engine is shut down for more than a week, the operator simply gives it another ZOK27® wash – not to clean it again but to “freshen-up” the inhibition effect of the ZOK27®.