ZOK 27® has several characteristics that make it the ideal gas turbine compressor cleaning fluid, so that only one product is needed for all essential cleaning tasks.

Off-Line Washing
The formulation has been so designed that while carrying out an off-line wash to restore power, ZOK 27® ‘s nonionic cleaning package is supplemented by the inhibitor package, which ensures that no corrosion takes place and that leaching of cadmium from NiCd blade coatings is minimised (See FAQ 101). It is not necessary to rinse with water after an off-line wash with ZOK 27® , or to start the engine to dry it out.

On-Line Washing
During an on-line wash the operator can be confident that ZOK 27® ‘s extremely low levels of ash and of alkali metals ensure that high temperature attack of the turbine components is minimised and that blocking of blade cooling holes does not take place. Some cleaners can deposit tarry material in bleed air lines which reduces airflow to labyrinth seals and causes seal failure. ZOK 27® does not break down under these conditions.

If the operator has no supply of high quality demineralised water ZOK 27® RTU is supplied ready-mixed with our own demineralised water which meets all OEM specifications (See FAQ105).

Corrosion Inhibition
ZOK 27® ‘s corrosion inhibitor package provides temporary protection from corrosion after an off-line wash (See FAQ103).

One Product Does It All
An operator may not always need all of these benefits but they are built into the product for when they are needed. So one product fulfils all of his possible needs with no extra outlay on inventory and no fear of using the wrong product for a particular task.