UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) trusts ZOK

ZOK and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) share a long history. In fact ZOK was originally founded to develop a product which would keep military search and rescue helicopters available on demand. That was over 20 years ago. The challenge was twofold – to develop a compressor cleaner which could deal effectively with extensive salt fouling, and also act as an effective corrosion inhibitor. ZOK International Group (originally known as Airworthy) carried out extensive work with the MoD in developing the product culminating in extended engine trials which were completed at Sek Kong in Hong Kong. These trials were carried out over a 15 month period concluding in 1984. The result from the trials was that the product cleaned the compressor effectively and there was no discernable difference in corrosion than was seen using PX24 which had been used as a separate and effective corrosion inhibitor. As a bonus, there was also a cost saving in the order of £7k per engine per 1000 hours flying due to the reduced servicing requirements since only one operation was now required.

Whichever angle you’re coming from the nature of search and rescue means that the helicopters are working in very challenging conditions. Firstly, the gas turbine compressors are taking in salt because they are flying over the sea and this is worsened by the fact that any search and rescue operations are likely to be taking place in stormy conditions when more salt will be air bound. ZOK developed a cleaning product that was able to clean the helicopter compressors effectively. The more difficult challenge was to ensure that the inhibited engines could be started on demand in emergency situations. Before the introduction of ZOK the compressors had to be washed immediately prior to flying in order to remove the previously applied corrosion inhibitor. The introduction of ZOK with its corrosion inhibition properties, solved this problem. After flying the engines would be washed with ZOK and left to dry. This saved time by providing inhibition for up to a week and more importantly, removing the requirement to rinse prior to starting the engine. Very useful when a quick start is required! Years on the UK MoD still uses ZOK to clean their gas turbine compressors. ZOK is used in Afghanistan and Iraq on all their aircraft which are operational in both combat and humanitarian arenas. The Royal Navy uses ZOK extensively on both the gas turbines used to propel the vessel when extra power is required and on the fixed and rotary wing aircraft which fly from them. This trust is shared by many other military forces throughout the world including Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Pakistan who have all followed the lead of the MoD and use ZOK extensively. These military clients are supplied by companies who are local to them, run by local people, and part of the ZOK worldwide distributor network. The ZOK network of distributors holds stocks in all major markets. The supply chain consists of supply hubs in Europe, North America and Singapore, each supplying ZOK distributors, who serve their local markets from their own stock. Such an extensive supply chain doesn’t happen overnight and ZOK’s position is the result of building up solid relationships over a very long period. Over the years ZOK has also developed strong links with all the major engine manufacturers worldwide. ZOK cleaners and inhibitors are approved for use on practically all aircraft engines, aero derivative engines, and power production engines. This means that ZOK is trusted not just for use on civil and military machines but offshore for use on aero derivative engines used to produce power on the oil rigs and onshore for oil and gas pumping stations. As far as the power industry is concerned ZOK is used on large engines which produce power (and often heat) for national grids, district heating, factories, mines and large public buildings such as hospitals and universities. ZOK is truly universal. In addition to the engine manufacturer approvals ZOK is accredited to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This means that ZOK’s manufacturing, development and administration systems comply with the stringent requirements of these quality, environmental and health and safety standards, in addition to the requirements of OSPAR for use in the North Sea.

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