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Alstom (EGT) Typhoon off line – Norwegian Rig

A leading offshore operator in the North Sea has supplied photographic evidence of ZOK’s impressive cleaning power.

These photographs show the residual fluids after washing an Alstom (EGT) Typhoon off line with ZOK 27 Gold Standard. The engine is used for emergency power backup on a Norwegian rig.

The first photograph (top) shows the results of washing and rinsing 3 times with a competitor’s product,

whilst the second photograph show the results of washing and rinsing just twice with ZOK 27 Gold Standard.


ZOK 27 Gold Standard

ZOK removed a far greater amount of fouling in the first wash. The subsequent wash and rinses clearly shows that in these circumstances only one wash and rinse was required when using the ZOK product.

Had the operator used ZOK at the outset, time, effort and expense would have been saved, with the added peace of mind knowing that ZOK Gold Standard products are approved for use in the North Sea.

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