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EIC Connect Oil and Gas Supply Chain Event & Conference 2014

The EIC Connect Oil & Gas will return to Manchester 25/26 November 2014 for what promises to be the biggest EIC Connect event to date. Taking place at Manchester Central, the event encompasses a series of Supply Chain Briefings, a

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ZOK At Power Gen Middle East

We would like to invite you to our booth at Power-Gen Middle East from Wednesday 12th October through to Friday 14th October. This year the event is taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and is the leading force in delivering a platform

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Zok at Power-Gen Asia 2014

We would like to invite you to our booth at Power-Gen Asia from Wednesday 10th September through to Friday 12th September This year the event is taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is the leading force in delivering a platform for

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Zok at Farnborough International Airshow 2014

Every two years the Farnborough International Airshow prides itself on facilitating first-class business opportunities for the global aerospace industry, in addition to receiving a phenomenal public following due to an unrivaled weekend of Aviation excellence and family entertainment.

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Why The RAF And Gold Standards Make For A Very Clean And Safe Environment When It Comes To Cleaning

If you want an excellent gas turbine compressor cleaner, then you had better use one with an established pedigree.

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ZOK’s Management Systems Are Accredited

ZOK’s management systems are accredited as follows, and certification is available on request.

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ZOK Chooses The Singapore Airshow 2010 For Its Latest Asian Distributor Conference

At the end of January, ZOK used the Changi Singapore Airshow as the magnet to entice its distributors to attend the Singapore Recreation Club on the Padang for an update on all things new at ZOK.

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ZOK Now Has Bs En Iso 9001:2008 Accreditation

ZOK is delighted to add BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification to its growing collection of world class accreditations.

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ZOK Norway – Gtc As – Get On Their Bikes To Lead The Way

Team GTC is me (Pål Gausel), Christoffer Pedersn, Fredrik Elle, Fred Arne Gabrielsen and Bente Lund.

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Vulcan Stays Flying With The Help Of ZOK

ZOK is extremely proud to be associated with the last flying Vulcan aircraft, XH558, as a product sponsor.

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  • Aviation
    ZOK cleans gas turbine compressors in challenging and changeable environments – so it’s no wonder that the MOD and civil aviation companies from around the world have been using ZOK for over 35 years to keep their jet engines in peak condition.
    Air contaminated GT compressors reduce power, increase exhaust temperatures and consume more fuel – therefore, maintaining a clean engine will minimise fuel burn and ensure the maximum ROI via a very small outlay by washing with ZOK.
    All ZOK products are friendly to the operator and the environment.
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  • Military
    Since the early eighties the MOD have relied on the cleaning power of ZOK to keep their rotary and fixed wing aircraft in peak condition. Not only does an efficient jet engine mean cost savings, but it can also mean extra power when most needed to save the aircraft and the crew in a combat condition.
    Jet engines can lose 10% or more of their efficiency if not kept clean.
    Washing with ZOK ensures maximum available power output, improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear.
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  • Oil & gas
    ZOK cleaning products are biodegradable and water-based. Specifically designed for use in ecologically sensitive environments, they are approved by all leading engine manufacturers.
    By avoiding the build-up of engine contamination you can boost performance, lower operating temperatures, reduce fuel consumption, minimise downtime and increase the life of an engine.
    Clean and efficient gas turbines help to ensure the safety and responsiveness valued by industrial operators.
    Custom washing schedules provide maximum ROI. ZOK provides exceptional cleaning without the health and environmental risks associated with solvent cleaners.
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  • Power
    ZOK is an international brand used to clean all types of gas turbine compressors from the smallest unit to the largest power generating engines.
    ZOK products are approved by almost every OEM and users of gas turbines. Keeping your GT compressor clean stops your engine becoming a financial “black hole” and maximises availability.
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  • Environment
    ZOK Gold Standard products meet stringent Environmental requirements
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    REACH is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. It came into force on 1st June 2007 and replaced a number of European Directives and Regulations with a single system.

    ZOK products are preparations and the substances which make them up are registered by our suppliers, at the appropriate level in the supply chain.

    ZOK are members of REACHReady –